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KidsUnlock works with schools across the world. Together we are able to develop the potential of all young people, even those with learning difficulties. This is because we assess the ability of each child and then offer exclusive programmes geared to the precise capabilities of every student, regardless of age.

With KidsUnlock teaching professionals and counsellors can test assess all students on their cognitive skills and mental abilities.

Filter out students based on their natural ability such as visual, logical, physical, musical, thinking or leadership skills

Filter out students based on their strengths and weakness supported by personalised guidance.

Please note: When you sign up to KidsUnlock as a teaching professional we ask that you fill in the ‘parents’ section’ of the questionnaire on behalf of each student so that we can assess the creative abilities of the children who will join the programme. The student(s) then takes part in the multiple-choice questionnaire and from these two sets of answers we will generate and develop programmes designed exclusively for each child.


Both Science & Sense, Delivered

Work with us to develop students in your care. We will devise programmes that work with your school and to the abilities of every child.


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