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KidsUnlock is the world’s most advanced parenting platform for building the true potential of every child - your child. It is designed to make your parenting scientific, futuristic and visionary by capturing the complete learning ability of your child and matching it with customised activities and solutions - hundreds of different challenges for just £15 a month.

Find out why KidsUnlock is so special

We will tell you:

Your child’s IQ level

Their levels of focus and concentration

Their creative and decision-making abilities.

Their learning speed and learning style.

Their strengths and weaknesses and much more.

When you sign up you will access an incredible range of work activities and challenges designed exclusively for your child. These include:

Up to


different worksheets each month designed to stretch the abilities of your child across all core subjects.

Up to


different activities every month, designed to challenge your child’s creative abilities.

Up to


different interpersonal weekend activities to entertain and educate and much, much more.

Plus a Parenting guide of recommended movies, games, apps and books to enhance reading and mental capabilities.

Our programmes also give you the parent a complete assessment of your child’s abilities and natural strengths.


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