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Our partners

We are proud to be working with CRACS, the Centre for Research into Applied Cognitive Sciences an advanced Research and Development Organization dedicated to improving the education and life chances of children across the Globe’

Based in India CRACS research, develop and offer solutions to address the unique needs of every child. Their goal is to identify and build the hidden talent of children, so that they can become highly successful in their chosen careers.

With the support of our partners, we are able to offer solutions to parents and schools to maximize the potential of young people everywhere.

How it all started

Across the globe, in both developed and developing countries, it has become accepted that we are still fighting same old problems in school education. How to bridge the gaps between educators and learners?

How can children develop natural interest in academics? Why can’t all children become top performers? Is it possible to scientifically design great and meaningful careers? How can we design superior learners?

CRACS has sought to answer these questions using technology that can be used to clearly identify a child’s exact needs and abilities and responding with challenges that will stretch abilities and foster interest.

That’s why every KidsUnlock package is different – it is for your child only.

What they do

In short, this is what they do:

Deliver Customized Learning Platforms to reorder and enhance cognitive performance

Define Standardized Processes to eliminate guesswork in childhood education and career planning

Develop Assessment Tools to capture learning nature and to measure core mental abilities

This platform is possibly the most advanced of its kind anywhere in the world – and it is ready to benefit your child.