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KidsUnlock is different to every other type of educational platform because we recognize that one size does not fit all. When you purchase one of our programmes it is bespoke to your child - and your child only which makes us distinct from the rest.

We do however understand that you may have questions. These are some of the most frequently asked together with the answers, but if you have something else you need to know then please contact us at education@kidsunlock.org.

We welcome all enquiries because KidsUnlock is so different to every other type of education platform that some parents like to talk to someone first. Please send back the contact form and we will give you a call if you have any questions.

  • Q: Why do you ask me so many personal questions about my child?

    A: Our programmes are designed to advance academic excellence, but we are also interested in helping to develop creative abilities. By understanding the personal profile of each child via our Mindset Test, we are able to assess this alongside their academic abilities to produce challenges and worksheets that genuinely help each student to advance.

  • Q: Can you explain more about how you personalize your programmes to each child?

    A: KidsUnlock is predominantly a research organization dedicated to improving the academic and creative abilities of children worldwide. This means we want to see every child gain knowledge in a positive way. Off the shelf solutions cannot deliver this. When you as a parent sign up, we look at all the information provided by you and your child and create precise programmes that will accurately stretch each student. In real terms this means that your child will benefit from our programmes regardless of their abilities because they will have tasks and challenges that precisely reflect their capabilities.

  • Q: Why do you personalize your programmes?

    A: There is nothing average about KidsUnlock and that applies equally to children. If your child is a high flyer how can they benefit from an off the shelf test – they need to be challenged. Similarly, if you child needs extra help, they will be quickly discouraged if we set tasks that are beyond their abilities. That’s why we make each programme exclusive to your child.

  • Q: Is KidsUnlock just about improving academic ability?

    A: We are dedicated to improving the abilities of each child across a wide range of different subjects both academically and creatively. Our research shows that young people who can think out of the box are more successful in later life and this is what our programmes help to deliver.

  • Q: What kind of activities do your programmes offer?

    A: The short answer is just about everything including up to 50 worksheets each month plus a whole range of additional activities such as science, general knowledge, music, sports and much, much more.

  • Q: What are the key benefits for my child?

    A: As your child becomes a quicker learner and a better student, our programmes are proven to significantly improve mental processing, creativity, innovation, logical skills, speed, vocabulary, communication, confidence, writing and reading skills, while boosting a child’s natural ability.

  • Q: What is the best age to start a KidsUnlock programme?

    A: The younger a child, the easier it is to design a great mindset. All children from aged from five to 16 can benefit.

  • Q: How does KidsUnlock define learning?

    A: It’s a preferential way in which anyone can easily absorb, process, comprehend and retain information. In other words, it is a style through which a child can be trained in an effortless manner. That’s what we deliver at KidsUnlock.