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<span>Who are</span><br />KidsUnlock?

We are KidsUnlock and it is our mission to help develop smarter children, kids who are gentle, kind, intelligent and mentally strong.

We do this by concentrating on the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses - and this is what we teach at KidsUnlock – and this is what makes us different to every other type of educational platform.

The stuff happening inside our brain - our feelings, emotions, creativity, processing, problem solving or storing of information - is collectively known as cognition. Think of it as a computer. The brain is the hardware and cognition is the software.

The core objective of the human brain, like a computer, is to receive inputs such as regular data or information to store, process and action. The better the computer, the faster the action.

Similarly, the better the cognitive ability, the smarter the brain, the better it will perform. Most successful people have better cognitive abilities and this helps them to better understand and process information more smartly and to take action where it is most needed.

This is what we teach our students via our online Platform. This ensures that they can quickly understand and deliver information and have higher chances of succeeding in school, competitions and life in general.

The better the cognition, the smarter the performance and early childhood is the best time to build these incredible abilities. It is the science behind our platform and this is what we assess and deliver in four key areas - IQ, Focus, Decision making and Creativity.

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A smart brain is one with a dynamic IQ. It is the ratio of a person’s mental age versus actual age. It is also the amount of knowledge you have at a certain age when compared to others.

Focus is the application of knowledge while performing a task better, the higher the focus the better the accuracy.

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Decision making ability is the speed of performing a task at a given time and situation. The better the DMA, the quicker the output.

Creativity is the ability to think out of the box or to establish how many different solutions can someone offer for a given problem.

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The combination of these four factors is known as a cognition capacity or mental capacity. The higher the cognitive efficiency the smarter the performance. With our online assessment tool, you can test the level of your child’s mental abilities based on these four key factors and identify what needs improvement. That’s what we do and that’s why the KidsUnlock Platform is so special.

About Us

KidsUnlock is part of CRACS (Centre for Research in Applied Cognitive Sciences) a global organisation dedicated to developing solutions that address the unique needs of every child. Our goal is to identify and build the hidden talent of kids, offering them the potential to become rich, famous and highly successful when they grow up.

Through KidsUnlock we offer solutions to parents and schools to maximize the potential of their children, helping to foster core values such as:

  • Curiosity
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Measurability
  • Purpose

Why we do this

Across the globe, we are still fighting same old problems in school education. How to bridge gaps between educators and learners? How can children develop natural interest in academics? Why can’t all children become top performers? How to scientifically design great and meaningful careers? How can we design superior learners?

We address this by:

  • Delivering Customized Learning Platforms to re-order and enhance cognitive performance
  • Defining Standardized Processes to eliminate guesswork in childhood education and career planning
  • Developing Assessment Tools to capture learning nature and to measure core mental abilities
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