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Unlock your child’s natural ability and intelligence

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Unlock your child’s natural ability and intelligence

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Unlock your child’s natural ability and intelligence

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We are KidsUnlock, delivering highly affordable personalised online tutoring programmes that change the lives of children worldwide. Unlock your child’s potential with some of the world’s most advanced learning programmes. Each is designed to challenge, educate and develop the academic and creative talents of children from Year 1 to Year 9. Please do not confuse KidsUnlock with any “off the shelf” platform. Every programme we produce is unique - tailor made and designed to benefit your child – and your child only. It is the nearest thing to having your own personal tutor because at KidsUnlock – we know that one size does not fit all - and it is available for just £15 a month.

Discover your child’s unique abilities for FREE

We know that KidUnlock is unique and you can find out for yourself - totally FREE of charge - for 14 days. During that time you will also have unlimited access to our programmes with total peace of mind knowing that you can cancel at any time. Log into the world’s most advanced educational assessment programme and we will also identify your child’s hidden talents and strengths and what makes him or her special.

We will tell you:

Your child’s IQ level

Their levels of focus and concentration

Their creative and decision-making abilities.

Their learning speed and learning style.

Their strengths and weaknesses and much more.

How does it work?

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To ensure that each programme is exclusive and totally bespoke you cannot access any of our programmes until you as the parent answer 80 yes/no questions. You may feel some of these are very personal as we ask things such as: Is your child always truthful? And do they play a musical instrument? We do this so that we can better understand their creative abilities.

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Your child will also have to answer 90 multiple choice questions to allow us to fully assess his or her natural intelligence and IQ so that we can produce bespoke worksheets and other activities that will stretch and challenge them – a process that may take up to 24 hours to ensure that we get it just right for you and your child.

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This is the world of KidsUnlock – dedicated to developing the natural talents and abilities of children across the globe – and we invite you to join us.